September 21, 2020

Privacy Policy

Generally, you can visit our website without mentioning your name or any personal information. The internet servers of our website collect the details of IP addresses the domain names of the visitors and store it for about 1 month. This happens solely to analyze the visitor’s traffic, pages viewed, average time spent on the website by visitors, and more information like these. utilizes this information to improve the productivity and efficiency of the website. We also use this information to improve our content so that it would be helpful for you people. We don’t share your email ID to any third parties.

For your information, there are some situations where we might have to get your information but you don’t have to if you don’t want to use those services. But we can assure you that the information we get from you will be safe with us. Also, the information will be used on the basis of Law and internal purpose along with improving our quality control and some analysis.


It is notified to all the audience that the Ads might appear on our website by advertising partners and it is possible that they may set cookies. And these cookies can allow those Ads servers to recognize your Device (Mobile, Desktop, etc.) every time they deliver you an online advertisement to collect the information about you or someone who operates on your device.

These pieces of information are utilized to deliver the targeted advertisement by Ad networks, that they will believe be the best interest to you.

This Privacy Policy cover-up the utilization of cookies by Sarkarirecruit and we are not responsible for the utilization of cookies by other advertisers.

Google Ads for Remarketing

Remarketing services may use for the on third-party websites such as Google to make the old user visit our website. The reason for that might be due to the unfinished task done by previous visitors such as using the contact form to give feedback or inquiry.

The Remarketing advertisement could be in the form of Google Display Network or advertisement on Google Search Result Page.

Google and other third-party vendors may use cookies to deliver ads which will be based on an individual’s past visits.

It is obvious that the collection of data will be based on Google’s privacy policy and our own Privacy policy. By using the Google Ad Preferences page, you can customize on how Google should advertise to you by setting the preferences. And, if you want to remove those interest-based Ads completely, then you can do that by cookie setting or by browsers extensions and plug-ins.

Affiliate Disclosure

It is to be notified that this website uses affiliate links which helps in earning the commission from specific links but it won’t affect your purchase or the price you pay for your products.

External Site Links

It is possible that our website may contain some links to external sites that are not used by us. So, if you click on those external links, then you will be directed to those third-party websites, hence we kindly suggest you to check-out the Terms & Condition and Privacy Policy of every website you visit. This is to make sure that you are not indulging in any fraud platform.

It goes without saying that we have no control over these websites, hence we bear no responsibility towards the contents, practices/privacy policy, products, and services of those third-party websites.